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Isn’t it a beautiful surprise when you enter someone’s house and experience a nice fragrance, beautiful flowers and a warm welcome? It leaves you completely amazed! Their beautiful drawing room would compel you to stay there and explore other parts of the house. We honestly believe that a good design and a beautiful home leave a lasting impression in one’s mind. Thus design becomes very important in our lives. The good ambiance, décor & style that make a wonderful home and news of fashion world are what SOUL brings to you. Started in 2014, a fairly new venture, we at SOUL will update you with the latest on décor & style, fashion and other lifestyle on our online ‘webmag’: SOUL BY WEEKLY. It’s a webmag of the women, for the women & by the women!

T E A M   –

PRATIMA – Founder & Editor-in-Chief 


Communication designer and branding professional, she had keen interest in art, design and style from very early age. To get right kind of education and exposure she completed Master of Design from IDC, IIT Bombay. Design education gave her opportunity to study and work with prominent educationists, designers and organizations. After working in design and communication for more than 20 years she wanted to celebrate design through writing, showcasing designer’s works and documenting best of creation in interior, home décor, products, fashion and styling.

Traveling to different parts of Europe also helped her to see design and its wider perspective to daily life. SOUL is her vision; creative thoughts and knowledge are the source to take this forward. She looks forward to have a long and healthy association with her viewers and subscribers, who can read & enjoy.

She, also a firm believer of healthy and happy society, philanthropy is her way to connect with under privileged segment of the society. WAVE is born with these thoughts; more details are on CSR page in Editor’s Pick category.

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